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ISSUE No. 107

Half of the French have smoked weed at least once

Canadian insurance companies have studied the impact of decriminalization on the number of accidents

New research: how legalization and decriminalization affect the number of arrests

In the UK, those who got caught using grass for the first time will not be judged

CBD Does Not Reduce THC Effect, Cannabis Study Shows

In New York, legal canna stores will have QR codes

Super Bowl champion Chris Long told how he managed to use cannabis and pass drug tests in the NFL

ISSUE No. 105

Biden Signs Medical Marijuana Research Bill

Swiss Federal Commission for Cannabis Legalization

A congress on the legalization of cannabis was held in Germany

Czech Republic plans to overtake Germany in terms of the ligaliza

Colombia and Mexico will work together to change drug policy

Hemp oil production launched in Uzbekistan

Researchers from the University of Oregon will present information on the use of natural products, including cannabis, for the treatment of Covid-19

New York is fighting the black market and investigating the quality of grass from illegal sellers

The first 40 cannabis lounges have opened in Nevada

A short film about alcohol and weed during the holidays

ISSUE No. 104

A study funded from the US federal budget shows that the legalization of marijuana rather reduces the use among adolescents

Oregon Governor pardons more than 45,000 people convicted of marijuana possession

The Spanish Ministry of Health will present its law on medical cannabis next month

In Ireland, they call for decriminalizing the use of grass

Cannabis may help with fibromyalgia, says a new Israeli study

Cannabis Social Club will start opening in Malta in February 2023

Renew, a cannabis sports car

In Italy, a comedy about the disappearance of cannabis was filmed

Rats, 500 kg of grass and Indian police

A new documentary about Louis Armstrong: he wanted to grow grass, asked the president to legalize cannabis