ERI analytics
ERI analytics - a cloud-based system for monitoring health and ageing.
Longevity without disease
Recent scientific discoveries show that the root cause of ageing and disease is a gradual increase in errors leading to decay at different levels of the body. We call this phenomenon Entropy (chaos).

"ERI qlife is one of the first cloud-based software systems to measure and correct entropy in biological systems using artificial intelligence. It restores internal order in the body and thereby creates the conditions for health and slows down ageing.

The ERI qlife system is available to both professionals and non-professionals.
With this personal digital assistant, you will take control of your health and ageing yourself!
Easy and quick health check
Health scan
AI ERI analysis
Health report
How does it work?
A supersensitive antenna records the electrical emissions of organs and tissues.
Each organ emits a unique electric field, which can be seen as its electrical signature. If the organ is not working properly, the electrical radiation changes.
This means that we can use this electrical language to determine whether an organ is healthy or not.
The digitised signal is sent to the ERI cloud-based software.
The ERI software contains a database of over one million spectral dynamic markers, each representing digitised information about a specific organ in a healthy state. ERI software compares a patient's markers with reference markers from the database and immediately provides information on the main abnormalities that constitute latent or manifest pathology.
Artificial Intelligence conducts data analysis ERI is a self-learning software that uses big data analysis techniques to continuously learn and improve performance. This means that the more patient data is accumulated, the more accurate the screening results will be. There are currently around 750,000 patients and more than 8 million scans in the cloud: a huge source of information for analysing, learning and delivering accurate AI results.
Benefits of the system
Why use an ERI?
It only takes 40 seconds
The whole process takes just 40 seconds. Checking your health has never been easier.
Anywhere. At any moment
The supersensitive antenna is very small (like a very small mobile phone), so you can take it with you wherever you go.
Non-invasive analysis
The device uses passive detection, which means that it only detects naturally accumulating electric fields emitted by any object. The ERE acts only as a passive antenna, without interfering with or altering life processes in the human body.

Download to any computer
ERI is cloud-based software. The analysis software can be downloaded to any computer.
A guide to healthy living
ERI recommends vitamins, micronutrients, foods, indicates allergens, etc. These tips will help you stay healthy.
Save time for patients and doctors
The patient does not need to physically visit a doctor - ERI allows remote screening and examination by a doctor. ERI patient options allow the patient to check their health status at home.
ERI for patients
  • A new source of personal health information
  • Empowers patients to take responsibility for their own health
  • Preventive - ERI detects early stages of disease
  • Portable - ERI is portable - you can carry it with you at all times
  • Speed - you can get results within 40 seconds
  • Remote health monitoring - ERI allows remote monitoring of patients thanks to the fact that the software is in the cloud.
ERI for doctors
  • A new source of patient health information
  • Identifies the underlying cause of pathology and latent pathologies
  • Detects pathogens - toxic load information and pathogen identification
  • Minimises misdiagnoses
  • Cause-effect relationship between underlying cause and manifest pathology
  • ERI is an additional tool to existing methods of screening
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